The Story

Torched was founded by Todd Meek in Abilene, TX in 2018.  The idea for designing and creating furniture stemmed from creating art work for Rise Church. As a member of the church, Todd was asked for input on how to create a warm atmosphere for the church, which used to be a night club.  The conversion from a night club to a church was a daunting task; however, Pastor Rey Sandoval and his core group, met the challenge and created a movement in Abilene, TX.  The first two art pieces built were a cross and a torch. The third art piece built served as a functional “Connection Center” with a pergola.  After that piece was built, the idea of building quality furniture for the public was born.  Except…  It will not be done the traditional way.


Torched Custom Designs became a formed LLC and successfully operated until November, 2020. Once Todd Meek became the Executive Pastor for Rise Church, the LLC was dissolved. The brand, product line, and ministry remained. The Torched brand and product lines are expanding to offer the public quality, hand-built furniture and artwork. Each piece will be unique and include the story of the student who built it. This has never been done before! Now you have an opportunity to support the Rise Discipleship Home and enjoy your own Torched brand product for generations to come!